Boxing Question "Need some more Tips by you "

by Lazaros Kougiou

I would like to have an answer on that my friend! I read all of your boxing tips and they are pretty good.I am 18,5 years old and i used to box til 16.I am good at boxing but not that much cause of training.I used not to train so much but i always loved the training.My coach had only 3 trainings per week that's why.In those 2 years i got really good. Fast with good reflexes and footwork.

I read the article with the boxing training and spar.I lost one match (friendly spar with other boxing gym) cause i was untrained,the military force called me and i had to let boxing for 1.5 year and i am pretty sad for it. I was untrained and got really tired in the first round,my legs got weak,my arms started to fall,my jaw was wide open and lost the match cause of that.I really disappointed and now i am gonna take it very seiriusly! i am gonna train hard,hard and harder! As i told you i am 18 years old and i don't want to believe that i can't turn pro! is that so late for me? Please answer that! Can i turn pro if i start the hard training now? I am still amateur with lot of experience on spar but not on real matches!

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Oct 19, 2015
Tips NEW

Hey, Lazaros! I'm also looking forward to learning some new tips. Luckily, I have a trainer who makes new tips for me every training. Thus, I learn every time something new.

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