Boxing combinations

Boxing combinations win fights! Fights are not won by simply throwing the same punch over and over again.If you stick with this approach your opponent will know what to expect and the fight is already over.

What you must do is string together strategic groups of punches. When you group punches together like this it is known as a boxing combination. I have laid out some great combinations that I have found work well.

Punches are often labeled with numbers to simplify the calling out process of punches during training. To give an example of this a trainer might call out one, one, one instead of calling out jab, jab, and jab. Below I will list the typical numbers associated with each punch.



Left hook-three

Right hook-four

Left body hook -five

Right body hook -six

Upper cuts and shovel hooks can be numbers but are usually called out.

Left upper cut -seven

Right upper cut -Eight

Left shovel hook -nine

Right shovel hook -ten

We will start with the most basic of boxing combinations, the jab-cross combination. This combination is also commonly known as the one-two combination.

In the video below I will demonstrate how the one-two combination is thrown.

The next boxing combination I will cover is the repeat one-two combination. It is as simple as it sounds. You will simply repeat the one-two combination, one immediately after the other.

Jab, cross, jab, cross

Another fairly simple combination is the double jab. The double jab is often used to keep distance between you and your opponent.

Remember when throwing the double jab always bring your hand back to protect your face.

You can now mix in the double jab with the one-two combination.

Next is the one-two-three-combination.

The one-two-three is a smooth flowing set of punches which is a very effective combination. The reason that it is so effective is because after the cross has been delivered your weight now rests on your left foot. This allows for the left hook to be delivered with little effort.

I have included my left hook video because it offers alot of information in setting up for the 1-2-3 combination.

We now move on to my personal favorite, the one-one-two-three. Throwing the left hook to the body. It also requires very quick hands. BUT...when this combination is thrown effectively it can change the course of a fight.

A fighter must always remember the head is not the only way to bring down an opponent. If you can take away his body you can take away the fight. In the video below I demonstrate the left,right body hooks as well as the left and right shovel hooks.


Other boxing combinations

Jab, cross, jab

Cross, jab, cross

Jab, left hook, right hook

Jab, cross, upper cut, jab

Jab, upper cut, cross

Double jab, cross, left hook

Jab, cross, left body hook, left body hook

Jab, cross, left shovel hook

Mixing up the flow of punches is essential to keeping your opponent on their toes.

You are not limited to the combinations listed here. Any combination of punches you can string together smoothly and quickly will be a good combination.

My advice in perfecting combinations is to throw thousands of combinations.

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