Boxing Defense

Boxing defense is key to being a successful fighter.When I box I have one thing that is always on my mind. That is to avoid getting hit. Any fighter can stand in the ring and get punched in the head, but a good fighter will avoid it.

Far too often as fighters do we forget the importance of boxing defense and the role it plays in boxing. To many times when we are first starting off all that matters is trying to go toe to toe. That is not what the sport is about at all. The object is to land punches against your opponent without letting him land punches on you.

Now that I have given you a little taste of what boxing defense is all about let us dive in.

Parry Your first line of defense beside keeping your hands up and elbows tight. Is the parry, the parry is a very easy way to avoid a punch. When your opponent starts to strike you simply move your hand quickly almost slapping down the punch to misdirect it.

Slip The slip is done by rotating the body so that an incoming strike passes next to the head with out contact. This is done because, as the opponent's strike arrives, You will sharply rotates your hips and shoulders. Turning the chin allowing the punch to slip by.

Block The block is simply accepting a strike with out avoiding it. When accepting the strike you absorb the strike with your gloves.

The bob Is where you go underneath and opponets strike. As the strike arrives the you bend your legs quickly and shift your body either to the left or right.

Weave You now return to the up right position. Evading the incoming strike while it still sits extended. Usually coming on the out side of punch offering a striking chance for you to take.

Rolling Simply with your arms up gloves nearly pressed agaist your forehead. Focusing on keeping you elbows in and protecting your jaw. As the strikes come toward you, you simply rotate your hips from side to side rolling. Absorbing the strikes in against your gloves and arms.

Down side to rolling it is poor protection against body strikes.

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