Here we list the USA Amateur weight classes for men and women.

How you decide what weight class you are in works a little differnt then some might think. I will use myself as an example. I weigh 194 lbs therefor I fall into the heavy weight class.

The reason being the max weight is for heavy weight is 200 lbs anything over is super heavy weight. So the weights listed below are the maximum weight in that weight division. The minimum weight being the weight class below it.

Amateur boxing weight classes for men.

Light flyweight 106 lbs/48 kg

Flyweight 112 lbs/51 kg

Bantamweighy 119 lbs/54 kg

Feather weight 125 lbs/57 kg

Lightweight 132 lbs/60 kg

Light welterweight 141 lbs/64 kg

Welterweight 152 lbs/69 kg

Middleweight 165 lbs/75 kg

Light Heavyweight 178 lbs/81 kg

Heavyweight 201 lbs/91 kg

Super heavy weight201+ lbs/91+ kg

Womens ameature weight classes

Pin weight 10 1lbs/46kg

Light flyweight 106lbs/48kg

Flyweight 110lbs/50kg

Light Bantamweight 114lbs/52kg

Bantamweight 119lbs/54 kg

Featherweight 125lbs/57kg

Lightweight 132lbs/60kgs

Light welterweight 138lbs/63 kg

Welterweight 145lbs/66kgs

Light middle weight 154lbs/70kg

Middleweight 165lbs/75kg

Light Heavyweight 176lbs/80kg

Heavy weight 189lbs/86kg

Super heavyweight 189lbs+/86kg+

I will have additional boxing organizations weight classes as well in the future.

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