Welcome to the elderly exercise page!

Welcome to the elderly exercise page!

In life you always have a choice to push on or to settle. We often offer excuses to why we cannot do something that we love or why we must settle. A common excuse that is heard around world is I have become too old, exercise is not for the elderly.Elderly exercise is very possible and more common than you might think.

Aging is something that affects us all; we cannot simply stop the aging process. As we get older training takes a much larger toll on our bodies.

To make things worse the motivation to workout often fades with the years. As I have previously states people become comfortable. A lot of times individuals get married and start families leaving little time to train.

You training will have to change as you age that is for sure because your body will not be as rough and rigid as it once was. As you already know your body does not recover nearly as fast as well. As you may also know your metabolism has steadily decreased along with you energy with age. With all of these factors that you are facing why would anyone want to push on?

There are several benefits of elderly exercise that should motivate you push on and refuse to settle. With regular exercise you will actually increase your energy and decrease your body from easily becoming fatigued. As your body becomes healthier you will notice less aches and pains which can be linked to the endorphins that are generated from exercise. You will also notice an increase in strength as well as a possible increase in your libido.

Finally the most important benefit is that of the mind. The old saying mind and body and spirit the better one is developed the better the other can perform. With starting up an exercise program you will notice an increase in confidence as well as increase in general mental health which can simple as the lack of stress.

Before you undertake any workout or exercise program please consult your physician to make sure you are healthy enough to start.

Most doctors will be very encouraging for you to start exercising because it leads to a longer and healthier life. The work outs that will you perform will not be the same as that of a fighter you must remember that. Your body has changed from what it once was when you were in your prime. A major concern with boxing and MMA training when you have reached a certain age is the damage to the bones. Arthritis greatly affects the ability of one trying to work out on the heavy bag because the bones become more fragile and heal slower. Work outs on the speed bag or the double end bag might be much more forgiving on the body if any bag work is performed.

You may not be able to prevent aging but you can surely fight back. Fighting once you have passed your 40’s may not necessarily refer to the boxing ring or MMA cage. Once you have hit this point it may simply refer to the fight you face every day to stay healthy refusing to settle.

Do not let age be an excuse for you and fight on and train hard. Aging does not mean the end of the road by any means. This can be strongly seen by Jeff Telljohn and Jim Morris who it appears fail to age.

So just because the boxing gloves our off the hands does not mean the fight is over good luck and good training.


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