Boxing for Life is proud to bring to you additional training support in the world of MMA. By popular demand and because I have a soft spot for the octagon we knew the time had come.

With the UFC becoming one of the most up and coming phenomena’s in the sports world today we had to show our support.

Learning to become a mixed martial artist shares a lot of the same core principles that boxing draws from. In mixed martial arts a diverse fighter is usually a successful fighter.

Limiting your striking to simply punches will not be enough. While boxing is a great start in the world of striking you will need much more.

With all of the basic boxing skills you have already learned you are well on your way to become a mixed martial artist as always good luck and good training.

Below I have broken your training into 3 categories. Striking,grappling and take downs. Each category will offer an even more detailed break down. For example striking will include how to punch and how to kick pages.

Each page will include instructional videos and text to guide you through the learning process.



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