Advanced Conditioning

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Advanced conditioning section. It was because of hardwork and dedication that you have made it this far.

As you have followed the routines and basic programs that I have laid out. You are now ready for the advanced conditioning program. This program is focused more specific to boxing conditioning instead of general conditioning.

We will emphasize on explosive quick conditioning as well as focusing on endurance.

As you have progressed with your conditioning you have noticed the importance of mixing up your training. The reason you do this is to shock your muscles so they do not adapt to the training.

In the advance conditioning section I will break it down into three sections.

Cardio- In the cardio section we will discuss alternative methods to build your heart and lungs. Focusing on long term endurance as well as conditioning your body to be able to perform short burst without fatiguing. We will also focus toward the end of training section on HIIT training. (high intensity interval training) cardio training.
Weight training/Body weight work out- Here we will discuss and lay out routines that focus on strength gains. This is especially important because we will be focusing on working on explosive power working a lot with Plyometrics.

Click on the link belows to to view the basic weight training and body weight workouts section. Weight training Body work outs
Boxing drills- There are no substitutes if you want to become better at striking the only way to do so is by striking. As you follow you through the boxing drills I have laid out. You must as with all other work outs focus on training with maximum intensity.

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