Preparing to Box

Easy to follow steps for your boxing preperation

Welcome to preparing to box also known as boxing 101. Here I will begin by laying the foundation of your boxing training. You are already miles ahead of your competition making it this far.

This section is going to teach you the fundamentals of boxing. It is also going to help you establish what you are looking to get from this site.

Some of you might be here simply to learn some new work outs and to get into shape. Others might have come to learn the principles of boxing or to simply learn how to throw a few punches or how to punch harder.

This site can cater to almost all levels offering a wide variety of options. This is referred to as boxing 101 because it allows everyone to see what direction they want to choose.

So let me ask you this question first, what made you decide to want to learn how to box? I want you to really think about this. What has driven you to want to learn how to box?

Is it because of the respect that a boxer receives by his or her title alone? Or did you arrive here trying to learn a new means of self defense?

Maybe it is none of these; maybe you are here because you want to learn more about the sport. Such as what is sparring ,HIIT training or plyometrics.

Regardless of why you are here the preparing to box section will help guide you to move forward with your decision to learn to box.

Now I am going to ask you some basic questions and I want you to take these questions very seriously. Take the next day or so and really answer these questions honestly.

The first question you must ask yourself is how much time can you dedicate to training?

I need you to be realistic about how much time can you dedicate each week? The next question is how much time can you dedicate to train for on those days that you can train?

What do you want to gain from your training?

Do you want to fight competitively or do you want to train to simply relieve stress, or for self defense?

If you want to become a competitive fighter such as wanting to have sanctioned fights or entering a silver gloves or golden glove tournament this site is not enough.

Training at an actual boxing gym will be far superior, but we can offer you the basics to help you get started.

Also if you want to become a sanctioned fighter you must obtain your boxing license. For more information about amateur boxing. Check out the USA Boxing website.

Now that you have a better understanding of why you want to box you are ready to move on.

Now let us continue with the last part of the preparing to box section feel free to brush up on your Boxing terminology . Before you continue on to the boxing gear section.

I have also laid out an easy to follow work out program for Cardio and strength training with demonstration videos.

Good luck and good training.


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