Boxing Terms

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I will begin by listing some of the terms in alphabetical order.

Hopefully with a little better understanding of some of the boxing terms it will help bridge the gap between you and your fellow boxers.

Below the belt- Below the belt means just as it indicated a punch thrown that is below an imaginary belt that would run from the belly button to the top of the hips. Any punch thrown in this area is an illegal strike.

Boxing bout- A boxing bout is a boxing match consisting of rounds with a one minute breaks usually referring to amateur fights.

Clinch- The clinch is a last resort defensive technique used by tired fighters or tie up an opponent to regain energy or prevent being struck.

Combinations- A combination is a series of punches stringed together as effective means of striking an opponent. Using multiple combinations makes it much harder to read a fighter.

Counter punch- A counter punch is when you wait for an opponent to throw a punch and either parry or slip the punch and retaliate with a strike of your own.

Glass Jaw- A glass jaw or glass chin means someone who has a weak chin and especially prone to knock outs when struck in the jaw.

Haymaker- A haymaker is a wild punch thrown with a lot of force and the persons full body weight behind in hopes of a knock out.

Knock down - A knockdown occurs when a boxer get hits and touches the floor or when he sitting against the ropes and they are holding him or her up.

KO- Or the knockout this occurs when a fighter is floored or knocked down and unable to return to his or her feet unassisted after a ten count.

Saved by the bell- is when the bell rings signaling sounds before the referee finishes his count.

TKO- The technical knockout occurs when an official steps in during a fight stopping the fight due to a cut or injury or when the a fighter can no longer defend themselves.

Unanimous decision- A unanimous decision occurs when all three judges agree on a winner.

Weight Classes- Weight classes are how the separate fighters into different divisions.

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