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When purchasing boxing products it is often very difficult to find what products are worthwhile. Too often we make purchases without any guarantee, or idea of what the qualities of these products are. When you first get involved in the sport of boxing, MMA the cost of training gear can be overwhelming. With the high cost of this gear you want items that will do what they were advertised to do.

Far too often products fail to meet what they advertised to do. For instance you would not want to purchase a mouth guard that is suppose to absorb the shock of a heavy blow providing a cushion for your head and later find out it was extremely ineffective at absorbing the heavy blow. The same can be said for sports supplements for those who choose to take them. You would not want to invest a 100 dollars in a container that does nothing but give you upset stomach.

So I have created a product review page. I will offer personal reviews on a large range of items from running shoes to boxing gloves to sports supplements. I realize that experiences with supplements as well as some training products will vary from individual to individual. That is why I will also be accepting reviews from my viewers. We would love to hear about your experience with different products. For all of those of you who would like to add a review, or would like a product reviewed please email me at

Below I have split up the reviews into different categories.

Boxing gear reviews - boxing gloves, hand wraps, mouth guards, head gear

Boxing equipment reviews - Heavy bags, Protective Gear, Speed bags, Training mitts, Jump ropes

Sports supplements reviews- Proteins, creatines , energy drinks

Boxing shoe reviews- Running shoes, strength shoes, boxing shoes

MMA gear and supplies- Thai pads, shin guards, gloves

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