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Welcome to the boxing Equipment reviews page. Here you can choose to see a variety of reviews that I have personally conducted on different product lines. All products will be evaluated on a one to five star basis, one star being the worst and five stars being the best. Each product will have to live up the hype to receive a 5 star rating.

Too often consumers see a product advertised that boast about being the best product on the market. Using overtly obvious definitions to over dramatize the product and in the end it is nothing more than words or flashy ad . One of the most common phrases is with its breakthrough technology this or that. Manufactures simple goal is to try and offer potential customers a reason to select their product over a competitor.

So I put the products to the test with real everyday training. To try and weed out the gimmicks In a gym environment to see how they hold up. We would hate to see our viewers wasting money on a nothing more than a fancy slogan.

If anyone believes that a product has been given an unjust review please contact me, and I will gladly review the product again. You can also send me your product reviews on an item you have used. All of product reviews will offer the advantages and disadvantages. We will also offer to you the cost of the product and the review rating. After which you can make your decision on if this product is for you.

Listed below is a list of products that I have purchased and reviewed for the purpose of my viewers.

Body Protectors-Title Platinum Body Protector

Heavy Bags-

Speed Bags-

Training Mitts

Jump Ropes-

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