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Welcome this page has been dedicated to the review of the Title Platinum Body Protector. The retail price of this item is $69.99 online.

The review of this product is based on my personal experience. As always this product will be put to the boxing for life 5 star test.

I initially purchased my Body Protector online I purchased the item since I was low on sparring partners and it was an enticing option that lured friends to assist. I used the body protector a little over a year with great success. I then purchased three additional body protectors one being the Title Platinum and two others for my gym.

During hundreds of hours of training and thousands of body shot the body protector held up great. It fit snuggly and was comfortable to wear. We alternate wearing the gear and even the heavy weights body shots seemed dull. Three years later I still have my original body protector and though it is finally a little rough around the edges it still holds up well.

Several members of my gym also used the body guard and it is the protector of choice. It evenly distributes the trauma of the body shot and with gel foam inside you walk away without injury or soreness.

Over all review for the Title Platinum Body Protector

Advantage: A quick and easy on body guard fits very comfortably. Offers great protection and performs well under rigorous training. This product does exactly what is advertised to do.

Disadvantage: A bit more expensive then some competitors.

Boxing For Life Rating: ★★★★★ We absolutely love this product and still use it today it is well made and long lasting. It is rare you find gear that really holds up.

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