Basic workouts

This page is going to outline some basic how to body weight excersises. To help you develop strength and speed.

These basic workouts will build your work out foundation.I will also include a work out routine for the next month that can be used in conjunction with the cardio work out that I have laid out.

First we will start with 2 basic back excersises the wide grip pull ups and chin ups.

You will notice that the pull up bars I use are actually common 2x4s I have hung in my garage. You will spend around 8 dollars and you can set up to differnt set ups one for wide grip pull ups and one for chin ups. All the work outs listed can done with out spending alot of money on equipment or belonging to gym.

Next we will move on to the push up which is a great chest and tricep work out. The following video demonstrates several variations of the common push up.

We we also discuss some basic leg work outs. First being the box squat. The second being lunges. All of the following are displayed in the videos below.


Next we will discuss a few work outs that will target the abs. First being crunches.

Swiss Ball crunches

Finally we will move some full body work outs. First being the squat thrust. The second being mountain climbers. The following you tube videos will demonstrate.

Now that you have a list of few basic body workouts let us establish a routine for you. You may incorperate all of those differnt excerises into one routine that you will do every other day. This is known as circut training when you do full body work out instead of training one muscle group. I will give you a sample work out that you could use. Feel free to mix and match any 5 excersises for your routine.

Start your routine with a warm a simple 5 minute jog will work fine.

25 jumping jacks

15 push ups

1 minute break

25 crunches

1 minute break

Pull ups to positive failure

1 minute break

chin ups to positive faliure

1 minute break

Squat thrust 10

This is just a sample work out for you to look at you can mix and match any of the following work outs. For instance do 1 set of push ups take a minute off followed by the next and just do the whole routine twice. As time goes on you can build up to doing three sets or simply increase the number of reps.

Now that we have covered the basic workouts let us move on to boxing basics.
Consult with your physician before starting any exercise program! I am not a medical professional. It is your responsibility to evaluate the information that has been given. You must consult with medical professional first to see if you healthy enough to start one. Always have a partner when working out to ensure safety.

Always have a partner when working out to ensure safety.

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