Boxing weight training is as important as throwing punches

A common myth among boxers and trainers is that weight training will hinder your boxing performance. From all the research I have done in the past and from personal experience. I would strongly disagree.

The reason that most believe that weight training will hinder their performance is that they will lose speed. Which in all my research nothing can actually prove this to be true. Yet from my own personal experiences I have notices the complete opposites. Doing high weight low rep work outs. I have noticed great speed increases.

The second big factor is that they will gain to much weight and lose endurance. Lifting does not cause you to simply gain weight. It helps you control the amount of body fat that you have when mixed with your cardio routine. It also allows you to put on more muscle. In return you will gain more muscle and burn more calories. Once you have reached a certain physical fitness level you can simply lift to maintain and to gain strength.

A boxer depends highly on speed and endurance especially focusing on explosive power much like a sprinter. Incorporating boxing weight training into you normal boxing routine is only going to better your overall performance.

So the following work outs I recommend using to help build strength and punching power. During all lifts make sure you are focusing on explosiveness.


Flat Bench 4-6 reps. Incline Flys 6-8 reps20 reps of push ups Rest for 2 minutes And repeat for 2 additional sets


Dumbbell military press 8 repsLateral raises 10 repsRest for 2 minutesAnd repeat for 2 additional sets


wide grip pull ups until positive failure Rest for 30 secondschin upsreaching positive failureThen rest for 2 minutes And repeat for 2 additional sets


20 repsLunges 20 repsRest for 2 minutes And repeat for 2 additional sets

Consult with your physician before starting any exercise program! I am not a medical professional. It is your responsibility to evaluate the information that has been given. You must consult with medical professional first to see if you are healthy enough to start one.

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