Becoming a boxer

Welcome to the becoming a boxer page. This page is one that I have wanted to write for a very long time. To explain what it takes to become a fighter and why so few do. As you have gone through the site you have been able to pick up most of the tips tricks of getting involved in the sport of boxing. You have learned the basics of how to punch, different combinations and even some terminology.

Now I will answer how to become a fighter. Becoming a fighter is all on you, first of all the training is tough and the hours are long. Worse yet in your moments of glory you will have someone standing a crossed from you with the intent to cause you harm. How do you prepare to stand toe to toe with someone? It is simple you train and you train hard. Combat sports are not for the weak hearted. You must first make the choice to dedicate yourself to the sport. If you are not willing to do this you will only get yourself hurt.

Once you have made this dedication to train it does not stop there. You must also dedicate yourself to a new level of discipline. You must eat healthy in return your body will grow and become stronger. You must sleep right your muscles need to rest. Finally you must prepare yourself to swallow your pride. This might be the most difficult part of fighting. When you first step into a gym or work out on bag with no experiences you are not a boxer. In time you will develop the tools and skills needed to become a great fighter remember Rome was not built in a day.

Now that you have realized all that you have to sacrifice and made the dedication to train your one step close to becoming a boxer. The next step in the process is starting your training. Remember when training to work into it most coaches will not let you in a ring to spar until you have been training for 3-6 months. Keep in mind there is a good reason for this. The first reason being they do not want to see you get hurt. Throwing an inexperienced fighter against and experienced fighter is throwing the sheep to the wolves.

When training always remember cardio is key, most fights are lost when a fighter becomes winded. When a fighter is winded his hands drop, his jaw is exposed and his legs grow weak. When you train remember to train with intensity.

Push yourself when working the bags or running on the track for that sudden burst. The harder you train the more you sweat the less you will bleed. So a successful fighter is a conditioned fighter, almost always the better conditioned athlete wins. Even in rare cases being in great shape will never harm a fighter.

Walk before you run. This is very important to remember all great fighters had to start somewhere. Once you have the basics down and you are now ready to spar do not be scared. Even though I tell you this I still remember the fear that raced in my head every time I stepped in the ring. It took hundreds of rounds of sparring before I truly got a handle on keeping my cool in the ring.

Once you get a little experience ring never get frustrated and work with better fighters. Train with fighters who are better than you they will only make you better. Before each sparring session talk to your trainer or the person you are sparring with on something you want to work on.

This is important to becoming a boxer because sparring is the closest thing you have to the real thing. So pick out certain things you want to work on like counter punching and focus on that while sparring. Every now again do a few rounds trying to throw everything together.

In short it takes dedication, discipline, willingness to learn and heart to be a boxer if you have these you have all it takes. With these traits you will easily be able to endure the rigorous training and sacrifices that need to be made. The nice thing about boxing training is these traits often transfer over into everyday life.

Good luck and good training. Read through the site and pick up on as much as you can.


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