Boxing Basics for beginners

We start here with teaching you the boxing basics. First I am going to explain why there are so many steps. Before you can run you must first learn to walk. The same applys here before you can get into a ring you must first learn the fundamentals. So let us start by building your boxing foundation.

We will now discuss your basic boxing stance and few different basic punches and how to throw them. I have also listed a few drills to polish up your punching skills until you have mastered them. While you are progressing with this site make sure you are following along with the conditioning and cardio training sections.

Do not try to read ahead or skip steps. You will get to the end soon enough just enjoy what you are learning. Learn the basics of boxing and conditioning and then move forward.

To go back to my earlier analogy you cannot have a solid home without first having a solid foundation. The boxing stance is exactly like a house foundation you will build everything off of it. The youtube video below demonstrates the proper boxing stance.

Now that you have established the basic boxing stance. I would like to cover a topic that is often overlooked. That is how to wrap your hands this is very important since your hands are your life line in boxing. A large majority of boxing injuries are caused from poorly wrapped hands. Resulting in wrist and knuckle injuries.

The following images will demonstrate how to wrap your hands. There are dozens of ways to wrap your hands each trainer may show a different way. The images below depict what I have found to be the best.

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