No training or exercise program would be complete without a healthy nutrition guide to follow. Your diet plays a very important role in training especially in weight loss. As you will continue to read on I will discuss several aspects of nutrition.

With the world ever growing population and increasing technology. We as a civilization have fallen become lazy allowing technology do all of our work. We as a species were meant to run and hunt and physically tax our bodies. We have fallen far from our ancestors even within the last quarter century. This should now become an extreme cause of concern especially with childhood obesity on a steep rise.

Next I will lay out some basics nutritional steps explaining what you can do, to prevent from becoming another statistic. If you have no concern about dieting or weight loss please skip steps 2-3.

Step -1 Write down everything you eat and drink for an entire week. This counts from the glass of orange juice at breakfast to the hamburger and fries at lunch. This will be a important task in figuring out your weaknesses in nutrition.I want you to even list the few cookies you snuck in the middle of the night for a snack. This is a very crucial point in the diet and nutrition because most of the time individuals are unaware how much they consume. This can be a reality check for a lot of individuals so they can see why they have become overweight.

Step-2 Count Calories this seems like a tedious task but not as much as one might assume. Humans are creatures of habit so we tend to eat the same foods and have the same diet I will explain more of this in step 3. So during the first week estimate how many calories you are in taking. After you figure out how many calories you have taken subtract 3500 calories from that amount. That is the amount of calories you will need to remove in order to lose a pound. With this being said you realize now how much easier this becomes by exercising while controlling your dietary intake. To explain my point one step further it requires ( State on how much it takes to burn a 100 calories IE). Keep in mind brand A banana nut muffin has 495 calories.

Step-3 Break that routine. As I had mentioned in step 2 we are creatures of habit once we become accustom to something we stick with it. The reason is we enjoy comfort change is usually dangerous and unknown. So if you are accustom to eating out every night get ready for a trip to grocery store. Not only is cheaper to eat at home but it is much healthier. You must break all the habits you currently meaning you need to change your diet drastically. The reason being that a poor diet is more than not the reason you have become out of shape.

Step-4 meet your bodies needs. Your body needs protein to rebuild muscles it need carbohydrates to give you energy. Your body actually needs fats as well it is very important that you maintain a healthy medium. One of the most overlooked facts about nutrition in regards to training is the lack of protein in the diet. This happens because it is hard to get high amounts of protein in your diet especially without overloading on fats. During weight training it is said that you should average a gram of protein for every pound that you weigh. Luckily they do make cost efficient protein supplements that can be bought as bars, powder or premade shakes. Usually they supplements are mixed with skim milk or water. Also consider taking a multivitamin to keep your immune system and energy up.

Step-5 More fruits and vegetables please. Just like your mother always said fruits and vegetable are a must have.

Step-6 Avoid alcohol. It is said everything is good in moderation and with alcohol I cannot stress this enough. Alcohol dehydrates the muscles and puts toxins into the body a heavy night of drinking can erase a hard week at the gym. If you do drink avoiding drinking high quantities of alcohol and try to drinks lots of water following.

Easy tricks to cut fat

Little changes that make big differences. Drinking 2% milk you are getting around 8 calories of fat along with the 8grams of protein. When you make the switch to skim milk you avoid the fat and keep the protein. Ground beef ranges from 73% lean to 90% lean the other being fat.

A health alternative to this is buying ground turkey usually starts at around 90% lean and up and eliminates the high cost of lean beef. Bacon anyone? The same applies for bacon you buy turkey bacon which is a much healthier alternative. These are just a few healthy alternatives that you can make to weed out some fat from your diet.

Feel free to submit any other healthy suggestion that you have on trimming fat from your diet and I will post them for the world to see.

I have laid out some basic facts about nutrition trying to offer some basic guidelines. The key to nutrition is eating a healthy well balances meal. A supplement is simply that a supplement to your regular diet. The key to losing weight and staying in shape is simple. If you want to lose weight burn more calories than you in take.

Listed below is a sample meal plan.

Day 1

Breakfast 3 egg white omelet with grape fruit/ orange juice

Lunch Chicken breast/ A cup of brown rice/ Fruit

Dinner Grilled salmon/ vegetables

Snack Protein shake/Yogurt

Day 2

Breakfast Oatmeal/ toast with peanut butter/Juice

Lunch Turkey sandwich/lettuce /cup of fruit

Dinner Chicken quesadilla/ Salad

Snack Protein shake/fruit

Day 3

Breakfast Special K Cereal/ Toast with peanut butter /juice

Lunch Chicken wrap with lettuce. Side of rice

Dinner Whole wheat pasta/ With red sauce/Fruit

Snack Peanut butter and jelly

Day 4

Breakfast 2 egg whites scrambled with turkey bacon/fruit/juice

Lunch Shrimp stir fry over rice

Dinner Stake fajitas/ Grilled vegetables

Snack Fruit salad/yogurt

Day 5

Breakfast Oatmeal/turkey bacon/English muffin/juice

Lunch Grilled fish/ steamed vegetables

Dinner Pork chops/ mashes potatoes/ applesauce

Snack Protein shake

Day 6

Breakfast Pancakes with whey protein/ fruit/ juice

Lunch Caesars salad with chicken/ Fruit

Dinner Turkey burger with American cheese/ Salad

Snack Pretzels/ low fat cottage cheese

Day 7

Breakfast Fruit salad/waffle/ turkey bacon

Lunch Cream of broccoli soup/ turkey sandwich

Dinner BLT/ turkey bacon/ Cottage cheese and a vegetable

Snack salad

I also recommend This is Spanish speaking site about diets, exercises and nutrition. Which offers a large variety of diet plans and meal options as well as a wealth of information about dieting.

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