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Welcome to the boxing for life tips page! Here I have listed useful boxing tips to help improve your training or experience when you get in the ring.

Listed below are ten useful tips.

1. When training try to train using active rest. It is as simple as sounds in between rounds or sets keep active doing jumping jacks or running in place.

2. If active rest becomes too difficult try training with shortened rest periods.

3. If you are a fighting a right handed fighter move to your right. If you are fighting a left handed fighter move to your left. The reason being to avoid the power hand otherwise you are stepping into their power punch.

4. Always keep your chin tucked in protecting your chin at all cost. The chin is a switch that can shut your legs off so always keep your switch covered.

5. Your eyes never leave your opponent. No matter if you are sparring, fighting even shadow boxing in the mirror keep your eyes on your target. I cannot stress this enough.

6. Never turn your back to your opponent. This may seem like a simple task but a common beginner mistake is to turn away from the strikes.

7. Keep the fight at your pace do not allow your opponent to control the pace of the fight.

8. Stay in the center of the ring. Avoid getting trapped against the ropes or in the corners.

9. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet.

10. Always exhale when striking this makes an oncoming strike much easier to take.

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