Introduction To Sparring

Sparring is "practice fighting” or a “practice bout” with the aim of perfecting skills and conditioning the body to be in fight shape.

In the sport of boxing there is one simple way to place your training into practice to see how your training is coming along. The way to do this is in the ring.


When you spar you should always use a mouth-guard, head-gear and groin-guard. Trainers often have their fighters use 16oz gloves to offer additional protection. Also always place Vaseline or a similar substance on your nose and above your eyes this allows for the gloves to slide off easier if you have open faced headgear.

Agree on the rules

Before you enter the ring talk to your training partner about what you both want to work on. Talk about what intensity level you both feel comfortable training at. Most importantly remember this is training you do want to hurt your training partners.

What to expect?

Understand that your heart is going to be racing and adrenaline will be racing right beside it. Just remember to try and stay calm the first time you set foot in the ring. When you start throwing wild punches or drop your hands is when you begin open you self up to be hit.

It sucks to be hit! Does it hurt? That depends on your opponent so I recommend avoiding it. The first time you are hit in boxing it takes you out of your comfort zone. Most people are not accustom to standing in a ring exchanging punches. After you’re first few times in the ring the jitters will fade and you will then get a better understanding on what to work on in your training.

In no time you will look forward to a chance to hop in the ring it is a great stress reliever and a great work out.

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