How to punch harder

A common question that is heard across the gym or is often searched is how to punch harder? Let us examine it a little bit closer so you can learn how.

A common myth among most of society is that only big guys can hit hard. This completly incorrect. With some simple training tips and work outs you to can be a hard hitter.

Let us start by going over a few work outs that you can do. The most important part of becoming a harder hitter is training your muscles in the right way.

Step 1You want to train your body for explosive work outs. This explosiveness is what gives you your power when punching. The type of workouts you want to do are plyometrics. An example of work out like this would be clapping pushups. Focusing on throwing your body up as high you can from the down position.

Step 2Make sure you that you are using proper form. Then simply focus on throwing smooth quick punches. As with anything the more you doing something the better you get at it. Also try training with heavier bag gloves. You want to hit it at about 80 percent for power.

Step 3

Punch with your body not just your hands. All of your power comes from your hips, back and core. So a strong core is going to help you be a stronger puncher.

Additional training tips

Use light dumbbells when shadowboxing do not try to focus on speed this could result in injury.

Use a resistance band wrapping it around a pole and placing one handle in each hand and shadowbox.

The best advice I can give in being a strong striker is this. Train hard especially your core.

Train often but give you body time to heal. Focus on explosive exercises that will generate the same type of power you are looking for.

Also keep in mind to wrap your hands well until you are used to it. You do not want to break your wrist when your hands are not ready for it.

So hit the bags and hit them often and good luck your training.

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