Learn how to strike!!

Welcome to the "how to strike" section of Boxing-For-Life. In MMA, a diverse fighter is usually a successful fighter. Limiting your MMA skills to simply ground work will not suffice.

While having a superior ground game is a great start in the world of MMA, one must also have an aggressive striking game. This is especially true in today’s professional fighting world where a great number of the fights end quickly with the famous knockout.

The most important item to remember with any new sport or art is learning the basics. Knowing “how to punch” “and how to kick” are extremely important when it comes to the world of MMA.

Remember though striking can be very detrimental on the body so remember to slowly condition you body until you are ready. At first only use the bags or mitts for short periods to prevent injury.

Listed below I have linked to both the how to punch and how to kick sections of this site. The pages will direct you in the basics of striking.

Learn how to punch page

Learn how to kick page

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