Boxing teaches you a life lesson.

by James V. Thorpe
(Bloomington, IL)

Boxing is a sport where you have to put your heart and soul into learning what I call the sweet science. To be the best you can be you have to focus your whole being on the right way to learn and practice boxing. You must learn the proper techniques and practice them time and time again until they become perfect every time. One time you throw your left jab and drop it a little as you bring it back to its starting position. That is the time your opponent throws the perfect right hand. Bingo you find yourself setting on the ring floor wondering what hit you. Do it right or pay the price, is never more true then in the sport of boxing. You may get away with doing something the wrong way many times but sooner or later it will cost you in the ring or in life. So remember boxer focus in training on doing it right. Force yourself to concentrate during training. It a lesson in boxing or life worth learning. Coach Thorpe

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Oct 29, 2015
great comments NEW
by: Graves

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Oct 12, 2011
stick and move
by: blondebomber

Thanks for the interesting commentary. I am a boxer and have taken a great deal of life lessons. I work for a website design company and moonlight as an amateur boxing at night. I am thankful for what boxing has done for my character.

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