I want to become a fighter?

by Kelvin Lopez
( Bronx N.Y)

Which way is the fastest way to become a fighter?
How can i get into a boxing fight?
Is there hope for me in boxing?

I feel that I can be good at boxing. I also would love for your community to just give me the time in my life so I can show all the famous trainers just the way i am!

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Oct 24, 2015
Fighter NEW
by: Joy Dennis

Punching, kicking, relocating, ducking, wrestling are all usual movements utilized in martial arts and MMA. So why is there a lot focal point on these new forms of training methods. Lifting weights don't build a toughness. Making use of your possess body weight builds a longevity.
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Aug 25, 2015
good post NEW
by: Ashim99

Game is the life for the player and similar case with you that Boxing is your life. Now this website contain a lot of article related to boxing. Now this post have question related to boxing and you wrote useful tips and answers about this question. Any way, I want to get essay writing online but you did work amazing and also shared your experience related to boxing.

Jul 01, 2010
Is boxing for you?
by: Anonymous

Boxing is not a sport that can be rushed through. You may be an exceptional athletic but still your learning schedule shouldn't be rushed. Patients and determination are two factors that you need to become a competent fighter. If you don't process these two traits and can't acquire them then boxing isn't for you. Boxing is a hard and honest sport that shouldn't be taken lightly. You could get seriously injured. Your play other sports but the combatant sports like boxing you must live them. Your heart and soul needs to be put behind your efforts to improve. Only of few of us have the skills and temperament to be great boxers. Remember good is the biggest enemy of greatness. Boxing might not be the sport for you.

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