I am a mom wanting to start my 11 year old son boxing. He is always getting bullied due to his small size and I want him to learn self defense to gain confidence. What type of warm up do you recommend starting with? Also, is there a type of hanging bag that I can use that can be used with a frame instead of mounting it? Thank you for your help.

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Apr 03, 2017
WELL done Ms.Kathy!! NEW
by: Diamqntis N.E. Pateras(NotAnonymouse) @ g-m

Dear Ms.Kathy,
I read your post & wholeheartedly AGREE. I was bullied when I was young was inspired by (the great - Louisville Lip - and now, having read your story, with interest I'ld like to extend my sincere congratulations to you!- - I remember when I was at primary school, I was bullied by a boy
& after it got TOO much I punched te bully in the mouth. I was never bullied again.

THE great paradox of boxing (The GENTLEMAN'S ART of Self-Defense) is that it helps eliminate FEAR, being the opposite of Love. Frar repels & love attracts. Good luck & make sure you have a GOOD Coach! - - Ah! Life! LOVE!! & its opposite Fear. Get Rid of FEAR. Learn HOW to defend yourself. Then you won't NEED to. "Love; All reason(Logic) against it. And every healthy instinct for it." - The great ScottiSh philosopher David Hume. So succinct. So true! RGDS. - Diamaantis. (BKGRD... Background:- ZZZzzz........ZZZ!!) D2D:- HMMmmm!! HV I GN on4 2LG?

Mar 20, 2016
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by: Eric

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Oct 20, 2015
Nice NEW
by: John

I read your full post and nice job. Your son is 11 year old and son age is very small. So don't try boxing.
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Oct 06, 2015
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Sep 30, 2015
Cool NEW
by: George

I don't think that self defense is going to boost his confidence. More likely doing some kind of sport will. Boxing is pretty nice and I think will help him focus on something and, why not, become passionate about it.

Sep 16, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Apr 02, 2015
Starting young son to box. NEW
by: Anonymous

If you have a young son of 11 and you want him to learn boxing for self defense unless you have good deal of boxing sense, you need to find a good old school boxing coach. Also you can use the punching bags that has the water containing base instead of the big leather hanging bags. For a 11year old these will be durable enough to withstand his punching power plus they easier to move around. Before he even start boxing get him in shape. Start him on a light running program and build his muscles up with pushups and chin-ups. Stay away from weights as he's too young. He should wait till he matures a bit more. You want to find an old school instructor if possible that teaches not only how to punch but how not to get punched. If seems like some of the coaches only care about the punches their boxers land while disregarding the punches their boxers get hit with. Teaching a little defense goes along way. Getting hit in the head is not good no matter how tough you are. As your sons gets better praise him on his progress so his self-confidence will increase. Without believing in himself he will always be bait for bullies. A lot of the time a real bully has a sixth sense on who to leave alone. Once your son gain pride in his boxing ability most of the bullies will probably leave him alone as they will recognize a warrior when they see one. Most bullies don't want to take a chance in embarrassing themselves by picking on someone that could hurt them. A confident man has an air about him that most people recognize and respect. Good luck with your project and let us know how it's going. Coach Thorpe

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