Performance Coffee

One of the items I always struggled with was finding a natural pre-workout. A product that was not synthetic but still gave me the boost of energy that I needed to hit my workout hard. It was not until I was about 19 that I ran across this item. When my step dad saw you me dragging but from a long night and gave me my first cup of light roast coffee. 

All I recall was after my cup of coffee being rearing and ready to go. I got that kick of caffeine I wanted without all junk in most pre-workouts. 

It was from this point on that coffee became my new pre-workout of choice before a workout or hitting the gym. 

As I got older I started researching more and more body hacks to become a faster stronger and more focused fighter. 

It was during this time I came across cognitive coffee which combined cocaco, high altitude coffee and MCT oil all in one shot. Which allowed me to have a great level of energy, the healthy fat from mct oil kept my stomach at bay and offered great level and focus to let me hit it hard and stayed focused. 

It was through this performance coffee that I found my edge and recommend it to everyone even if only to try and see what you think of it. 

The company that I buy from is called Sally Sue's Coffee
They use organic fair trade coffee and have the amazing cognitive coffee. 

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