by jonathon osborn
(sparks nv)

I have a question. How do you get big with no equipment,the men back in the 1800 and the 1900 didn't have workout equipment but they got big and lean.

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Nov 02, 2015
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Jul 30, 2015
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May 01, 2012
Old school training NEW
by: Boxingforlifeteam


This is a great question. It is something I have recently started focusing on. Another perfect example would be the US military solider how great of shape soldiers get in with out ever touching a weight.
You do not need weights to tax the body. If you have ever chopped wood for a few hours or climbed a tree or a rope or carried wood. Your body is taxed or ever done 50 squat thrust. Or 2 minutes of push ups, followed by sit ups, then a run, then squats finally pull ups with out a break. Your body will grow as long as you eat healthy.
The other major key is during this time frame they typically ate large amounts of lean meat. Not the fatty substitutes we have now.
I hope this helps sorry for late response. I will be launching my dvd set in the next few months that will discuss a bunch of work outs that you can do with out weights.

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