The Art of Ghost Fightng

by James V. Thorpe
(Bloomington, Illinois)

The art of ghost fighting requires a good imagination. You need to place an imaginary boxer in front of you. To get the full benefits from Ghost Fighting you need to place a ghost fighter in front of you. This imaginary fighter should be as good as you if not better. You get nothing from slipping an opponents jab that is slower then your countering punches. With a little imagination you can put a fighter in front of you that will make you perform at your best. Don't look at his face but look at his arms, shoulder, and neck. Look for the tightening of his muscles to let you know when he's going to punch. Get his timing down as this will allow you to land your punches with the lest amount of getting hit in return. Learn any faults this ghost fighter has and use them against him. Make this Ghost Fighting drill a real fight. You can learn from your mistake against a good ghost fighter. I've lost a lot of Ghost fights but it pay dividends when I fought the real fight with the fighter who I was training for. Let your imagination go. Learn to out maneuver,out-punch,and out think this opponent. I know this sounds a little strange but give it a good test. If you're honest about your opponent's and your ability you will benefit greatly from this training method. Remember always Ghost Fight someone as good or better then you are. Coach Thorpe

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Nov 09, 2015
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