why i learned boxing

by tim

well it all started with highschool. i moved so i had no freindd i eventually made some after a few weeks but the leader of there group was a jerk he found a new way to bully me each day. this went on for 7 months around my birthday i got really depressed from being picked on by my so called freinds. he would say anything about me or my sister, or ect but if i said something about him he'd get mad. i told the principle evantualy. this past year 10th grade i started lifting and got strong but i realized strength alone would not win me fights so i looked up how to street fight and eventually i found boxing which i started studying know there like second nature. im now training my body more for boxing. im doing this for self-defense
im self-taught no gyms near me.

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Jul 28, 2017
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by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Oct 19, 2015
Self-learning NEW
by: www.essaytoday.net

I appreciate the longing desire of people to learn by themselves. That's the most precious thing ever. When you learn on your own, you are definitely learning. This means that you have strong motivation and wish to acquire something.

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