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Coach Thorpe began boxing competitively in 1964 when he won the Springfield, IL Golden Gloves Champion in the Novice Category. Since then he has gone on to win over 75 fights, including fighting in the National Golden Gloves Tournament, the Illinois A.A.U. Championship and numerous Army fights. He completed extensive coach training in the Army and has been instructing professionally for over 30 years. Coach Thorpe has an unparalleled passion for boxing.

Jim Thorpe The author of Evolution of the Sweet Science, Jim Thorpe, will soon have a book out called To Carry the Gold. If you are a boxing fan, or even if you’re not, check back with this web site for the exact date. You won’t want to miss this book. You will get an inside look at the sweet science through a fictional story that will grab your heart and not let go.

To Carry the Gold is a fictional story of a boxer from the tough streets of Chicago. The actual beginning of this story is the late nineteen fifty’s when a young boy walks into the old C.Y.O. gym one cold winter night. All characters in this story are fictional. Most have been made from the author’s imagination using bits and pieces of characters he has encountered in the world of boxing. Most of the training techniques used in the story also come from his experience as a fighter and coach.

You will learn what a fighter must go through to reach the top of his sport and what it takes to stay there. The author allows you to explore the emotions of the warriors that partake in this challenging sport. He makes you wonder if you personally would have what it takes to be a champion if you had the physical skills to master the sweet science. By the time you finish this book, you realize it takes more than just physical skill to master this sport. You will realize you play football, you play baseball, but you must live boxing to be its master. Only a few individuals have the qualities necessary to be a great fighter. Is what you give up worth the effort it takes to be the best? Is the gold medal worth the effort it takes to carry it? Once you win the gold do you control it or does it control you.

The author, Jim Thorpe, who brings you this story is a former boxer who fought some of the best amateur fighters of his time. While he didn’t beat all of them, he carried a record of 77wins and 32 loses. He fought from the cornfields of Illinois, to Chicago, Denmark, Italy, Austria, and Germany. He trained under coaches all around the states and Europe.

He brings to this book experience that was learned through hard work and pain. Although talented, the author did not reach the same degree of greatness as Johnny O’Reilly, the leading character in the story. The author, however, went through much of the same pain and trials the leading character went though in the book. He knows the problems Johnny faced in the ring and out of it. He has the knowledge to allow you to feel, not only the courage, but also the self-doubts that go through a warrior's thoughts as he prepares to do battle. More importantly he knows what it feels like to make that long, lonely walk to the squared circle.

He hopes you enjoy your journey through the book, To Carry the Gold. It is a journey you won’t soon forget. It should be available this summer, 2009. If you are a sports fan, To Carry the Gold is a book you won’t want to put down.

As soon as the book is released check back here to get your copy. It is a must read for all boxing fans.

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