TITLE MMA Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

Welcome to Boxing for Life product review section. Here we are reviewing the Title MMA semi-elastic hand wraps. The retail price of these items is $4.99 online or in your $7.99 local sporting goods store.

The review of this product is based on my personal experience. As always this product will be put to the boxing for life 5 star test.

I initially purchased my first set of the Title MMA Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps online I purchased a bulk order for my sports club. The club members and I took them home after purchasing them to put them to the test. Remember they are meant to be worn under the gloves and not to be used directly on the bag. This being said I used the wraps for around 30 minute during a heavy bag circuit workout.

During the workout the wraps seemed to fit my hand exactly the way I wanted holding tight. I continued my work until the end with no complications. I had did have a few people complain about wraps coming loose but I will just blame that on a pour wrapping job.

We continued to use the wraps over the course of the next few weeks every day. This is when I began to notice a problem with my wraps the Velcro that it attached to was ripping off of the wrap. This occurred with a few other members but the rest had no problems. I did take out another new pack of wraps and this set last 2-3 months before the Velcro ripped off again.

Over all review for the Title MMA Semi-Elastic Hand.

Advantage: A quick and easy to way to wrap your hands. I like that the attaching Velcro strip is flush and thicker than the traditional wraps I believe it gives it a better hold. This may not be a bad purchase for the majority of individuals I think in the case I got some faulty stitching.

Disadvantage: The product appears to be poorly built.

Boxing For Life Rating: ★★★ Not to bad Title wraps minus faulty stitching overall a pretty good set of wraps.

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