Boxing Mouth Guards

Welcome to the boxing mouth guards page. Mouth Guards are probably the single most important piece of protective gear you can own in boxing. It has been known for years that they can prevent several injuries such as mouth contusions, lip lacerations and chipping of the teeth.

Sadly still many people over look the importance of boxing mouth guards and do not use them. When you look at an average dental visit costing roughly 300 dollars and 650 dollars to fix a chipped tooth you can see how a ten dollar mouth guard could be a great investment.

Of course this does not take into consideration the stitches or any other injuries that can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard. In addition some studies suggest that mouth guards can prevent concussions. There are several types of guards we will break them down into 3 major categories.

The first category is stock guards these guards can be bought at your local sporting good stores. They are not fitted to your mouth and you simply throw it in your mouth and you’re ready to go.

A few problems exist with these guards the first being not everyone’s mouth is the same. The second issue is that you are not truly getting the protection you need if your teeth our not sitting correctly in the guard.

That is why these guards are being phased out and replaced by the boil and bite guards. The retail cost for these guards range from $5-10The second category is boil and bite guards.

These guards are fitted to your mouth and offer a much better level of protection. You will simply purchase your guard throw it in some boiling water take it out cool it bite down and it will be fitted to match your mouth.

The retail cost of these guards range from $10 (with free shopping on to $120.

The third category is custom made guards which our designed by your local dentist. These guards are more durable and last longer and a more precise fit to your mouth. The set back is the cost of these guards since they typically our not covered by insurance. They range from $260-$400

All boxing mouth guards will offer further protection and limit the amount of possible damage. We at boxing for life highly recommend before ever attempting to spar or participate in any contact to wear a mouth guard and additional protective equipment. Thank you for visiting the Boxing Mouth Guards page. Click here to return to the homepage.

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