Boxing Routine

Welcome to the boxing routine page.

Here I will lay out a basic training routine for you to follow to help with your conditioning.

Day 1,3,5
5-8 minutes of stretching
10-15 minutes of shadow boxing.

heavy bag 2 three minute rounds focusing on the jab and cross.
1 three minute round working all punches.

3x20 Push ups "clapping" 3x30 crunches 3x30 leg lifts 3x30 straight leg situps

Speed work
3 one minute rounds focusing on explosive speed changing tempo around every 15 seconds.

Burn out with a final three minute on the heavy bag using all punches.

Day 2,4,6
4 three minute rounds of jump roping. (work into it if you can not complete this at first.)
2-3 mile jog/run

Day 7

Additional training routines to come

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